Emerging Markets 2011-2012

by Daniel Harrington on April 17, 2011

Overview of Emerging Economies – Exchange Traded Funds, Emerging Markets Index

What is an Emerging Market?

An emerging market is distinguished by the fact that there is rapid growth as well as industrialization in the nation’s business and social activities.

Various standards may be used to declare particular countries emerging markets though in general there are currently about 40 emerging markets in the world.

Also known as newly industrialized countries, the emerging markets are those countries which have an economy that is not yet to the level of a first world country though economically the country has surpassed its counterparts in the developing world.

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What are the Biggest Emerging Markets?

China and India are the biggest emerging economies in 2011 and this is expected to continue into 2012.

Generally speaking an emerging market (emerging economy) is a nation or country that is not among the least developed nations and neither it is one of the newly industrialized countries.

What are the main “developed” economies or markets?

The United States along with Japan and Western Europe are considered major developed markets.

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Emerging Markets 2011-2012 continued:

How do investors look upon emerging markets?

Traditionally investors have seen emerging economies as markets that have a great potential for profit though the downside is that there is typically more risk than investing in developed nations.

Other major emerging markets include Indonesia, Iran, some areas of Latin America and Southeast Asia, Russia and most of Eastern Europe. Also classified as emerging markets are areas of Africa and the Middle East. In addition the regions of Chile, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates are considered rapidly developing markets.

What Does BRIC stand for?

The term BRIC was coined to refer to the biggest developing markets which are Brazil, Russia, India and China. The term is sometimes expanded to BRICET including both Eastern Europe and Turkey, or BRICS by adding South Africa. Other permutations include BRICK (adding South Korea) and BRICM (adding Mexico).

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What is the “Next Eleven” Emerging Markets?

The term Next Eleven refers to the next largest emerging markets which are Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam, South Korea, Mexico and Nigeria.

What does the acronym CIVETS stand for?

CIVETS refers to the a group of countries that many analysts consider to increasingly be playing a larger role in the world economy and these are Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa.

What are the group of countries known as the Big Emerging Markets?

The Big Emerging Markets, known as BEM, includes the economies of the following countries: China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Poland, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, South Africa and Turkey.

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Emerging Markets ETF, Emerging Market Funds continued:

What is the best way to invest money into Emerging Markets?

Individual investors wishing to invest their money into emerging markets can invest either in exchange traded funds (ETFs include a grouping of stocks) or through individual stocks of foreign companies (American depositor Receipts, or ADRs, are foreign company stocks that are traded the stock exchanges in the United States).

Investors placing their money into exchange traded funds may focus their investment on a particular region such as Latin America or Asia/Pacific, or may focus solely on a single country such as India or China.

Overview of Emerging Markets in 2011-2012 – Evaluating Emerging Economies

What is the FTSE Group and how do they distinguish between Advanced and Secondary Emerging Markets?

The FTSE Group is a British group that provides data services and maintains stock market indices including the popular FTSE 100 Index and FTSE 250 Index along with many others. Distinguishing factors between Advanced and Emerging markets include national income and the development of the country’s market infrastructure.

Using these criteria the Advanced Emerging Markets are Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, South Africa and Taiwan.

Secondary Emerging Markets include Taiwan, China, Chile, Czech Republic, Egypt, Colombia, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Peru, Thailand, UAE, and Turkey.

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Update on Emerging Markets in 2011-2012 continued:

What is MSCI and the MSCI Emerging Markets Index?

MSCI stands for Morgan Stanley Capital International which provides support tools for investors including indices and various ways to assess risk and performance of portfolios.

MSCI bought Barrra, Inc. in 2004 and formed MSCI Barra which in May of 2010 placed the following countries into its MSCI Emerging Markets category: Brazil, China, Chile, Czech Republic, Colombia, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Mexico, Poland, Philippines, Taiwan, South Africa, South Korea, Russia, Turkey and Thailand.

The Economist also considers these countries emerging markets and adds four more: Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.

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What is Standard and Poor’s and how do they view Emerging Markets in 2011 and 2012?

Standard and Poor’s is a financial services company that is based in the United States and which publishes analysis and research on bonds and stocks including stock market indices (e.g., S&P 500) and is also one of the “Big Three” credit rating agencies.

Standard and Poor’s considers nineteen countries to be Emerging Markets: Chile, Brazil, Czech Republic, China, Hungary, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, Mexico, Philippines, Peru, Russia, Poland, South Africa, China (Taiwan), Turkey and Thailand.

What is Dow Jones and who do they consider to be emerging markets?

Dow Jones is an American financial information and publishing firm that currently includes 35 countries in its list of emerging markets.

These countries are China, India, Chile, Hungary, Colombia, Mexico, Latvia, Brazil, Estonia, Argentina, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Lithuania, Mauritius, Morocco, Poland, Oman, Peru, Pakistan, Qatar, Philippines, Russia, Romania, South Africa, Slovakia, Thailand, Turkey, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates.

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