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by Daniel Harrington on May 22, 2011

Enjoy the Top Premium Gourmet Coffees on the Planet!

Coffee only grows well in certain areas and the coffees below come from Earth’s best coffee growing regions. Enjoy this list of top gourmet coffees that are the best coffees in the world!

Mocha Java Coffee – This historic coffee blend is a happy accident of history as it first occurred when coffee beans from Yemen in the hulls of the old sailing ships at the port of Mocha which were coming from Java Island led to the accidental mixing. Well it turns out they go perfect together! In fact the blend is considered to be one of the world’s best coffees! Arabian (Yemen) Mocha coffee and Indonesian Java Arabica coffee blended together create on of the worldʻs best coffees with a lively intensity and wildness provided by the Yemen Mocha and wonderfully complemented by the bright, clean smooth quality of the Java Coffee, one of the top gourmet coffees of Indonesia. Read more about the interesting history of Mocha Java coffee in the World’s Best History of Coffee.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee – This premium gourmet coffee is ranked by some as the very best coffee in the world. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is respected not only for its sweet flavor and delicious aroma but also its spicy fragrance due in part to the wet processing. The body is typically medium with a bright acidity and a clean, intense flavor with notes of citrus and tangerine. Enjoy the notes of toasted coconut and berry and wine tones in the aftertaste. Yirgacheffe is grown in southern Ethiopia at about 6,000 feet above sea level and is one of the most respected coffees of Ethiopia. Try a Medium Roast for Yirgacheffe to let the vibrancy shine, or a Dark Roast if you like your coffee heavy and sweet. Also check out Ethiopiaʻs Ghimbi coffee.

Costa Rica Coffee – Cultivated in the West Central Valley, Costa Rica Monte Crisol coffee is respected for its delightful sweetness along with a silky body. The coffee is bright with fruit notes and hints of blueberries with buttery qualities in the aftertaste. The body is typically full or medium and the crisp acidity provides just the right qualities that make this one of the worldʻs best coffees.

Sumatra Lintong Coffee – This is a very sweet coffee that offers a medium body with a relatively low acidity. Perhaps most distinguishing of Sumatra Lintong is the earthy and complex aroma. The coffee is cultivated in the north central region of the island of Sumatra in the Lintong region near Lake Toba. There are many fine Sumatra coffees, and Sumatra Lintong is one of the best, clearly ranking among the worldʻs best gourmet coffees.

World’s Best Coffee continued:

Brazil Cerrado Coffee – Known for its fine body that offers a creamy mouthfeel as well as its low acidity, Brazil Cerrado coffee is very well-balanced and widely considered to be among the world’s best coffee beans. Highlights include the slight caramel notes along with nutty qualities that come through best when the coffee is light-roasted. Try a Dark Roast if you want to bring out the chocolaty qualities. Brazil Cerrado is grown at an elevation of about 850 meters above sea level. Another great Brazil Coffee is Brazil Bourbon Santos Coffee.

Papua New Guinea Coffee – Cultivated in the western part is Irian Jaya Province in Indonesia to the north of Australia, Papua New Guinea Coffee is ranked by many to be among the worldʻs best, particularly the Arona or Sigri coffees which display a rich and modest flavor with a bit of earthiness and a mild acidity similar to Indonesian coffees. Papua New Guinea coffee is usually wet processed giving it a fine balance. It is a multi-dimensional coffee that exhibits a great balance along with its clean and bright taste and delicate sweetness. The aroma is fruity and complex, even exotic. The first coffee to be cultivated in Papua New Guinea was started using seeds that came from Jamaica’s renown Blue Mountain area in 1937 and todayʻs Papua New Guinea coffee does indeed bear a resemblance to the older style Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Some of the finest Papua New Guinea coffees are New Guinea Sigri CoffeeNew Guinea Arona Coffee and New Guinea Kimel Coffee, all of which have been mentioned on lists of the world’s best coffee.

Enjoy the World’s Finest Premium Gourmet Coffees!

Hawaii CoffeeThe finest Hawaii coffee is generally considered to be Kona Coffee grown on the Big Island of Hawaii but a number of new coffee growing regions in Hawaii are now producing premium gourmet coffee, and some have beaten Kona in coffee cupping competitions. Kona coffee has long been recognized as one of the world’s best coffees providing a mild and delicate taste along with a complex aroma. Nearly 700 independent coffee farms operate in the Kona region. Other fine coffees of Hawai’i are now being grown on the Big Island in Puna, Hamakua, Hilo and Kau while larger, mechanized coffee plantations are operating on Kauai and Molokai. A coffee plantation on Oahu encompasses about eighty acres and overlooks the north shore. Heralding the increasingly respected Kau coffee is the Kau Coffee Festival and the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is very popular as are Kona Coffee Farm Tours.

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