Nepal Coffee – Nepalese Coffee

Though as yet unremarkable as a gourmet coffee, the Nepal region has the potential to produce a better product in years to come due to improved growing and processing methods.

Most Nepalese coffee is grown by small farmers and higher returns are now incentivizing increased Arabica production. Nepal has areas where the terrain and climate are suitable coffee and there are also significant numbers of previously existing Arabica plants now being improved.

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Coffees of Nepal – Flavor Characteristics of Nepalese Coffee

The coffee of Nepal has been described as rustic in the cup with a mild acidity. Increasingly a Semi-Washed Processing Method is used and advances are being made in the cultivation as well as the processing of the coffee beans to assure quality.

USAID investments in Nepal fostered a public-private alliance in an effort to increase production of specialty coffee. Private firms confident in Nepal’s coffee growing potential are making significant commitments to invest in Nepal coffee production and buy the coffee beans.

Nepal Coffee Plant Varietals

Coffee plant varietals grown in Nepal are about sixty-five percent Bourbon and about twenty-five percent Typica with the rest being the Pacamara varietal.

Coffee was first grown in Nepal centuries ago but many coffee farms were devastated by the coffee rust disease and replaced with tea plantations.

In Terai and Nepal’s hill regions coffee was replanted in the 1980s and began to thrive and produce significant income generating crops. Many mature coffee plants in Nepal were replaced with other crops in the late 1980s due to poor returns in part due to marketing difficulties.

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Coffees of Nepal – Resurgence of the Nepal Coffee Market

In recent years Nepal Coffee has been increasingly popular among expatriates and tourists leading to a surge in the domestic coffee market.

Himalayan Java grows the Caturra coffee plant varietal (an Arabica varietal) north of Kathmandu at about 2,300 feet above sea level at the foot of the Ganesh Himal mountain range where a frost-free valley in the northern belt of Nepal provides optimal coffee growing conditions.

Nepalese Coffee continued:

The Plantec Coffee Estate in Kathmandu near the border with Tibet has more than 100 acres planted. The estate sun dries their coffee beans and exports them in 50-kg bags.

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