Peru Chanchamayo High Grown Coffee

Considered Peru’s finest premium gourmet coffee, Peruvian Chanchamayo is known for its medium body (sometimes light) with mild to bright acidity and delightful flavors and aromatic qualities, soft and sweet, and representing all of the best qualities of good South American and Central American coffees.

Characteristics of a Good Chanchamayo Coffee

A good Chanchamayo coffee is smooth and delicate, very well-balanced, and may have nutty and chocolaty tones and a sweet citrus taste in both the flavor and aroma as well as the pleasant finish/aftertaste.

The slightly nutty taste of Chanchamayo coffee is typical of Central American coffees and South American coffees, though Chanchamayo has a somewhat softer and more delicate flavor, and with the bright acidity of a good Central American coffee yet with a rustic accent. Also see Peru Urubamba Coffee; Peru Coffee.

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